Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Easy Tips To Loss Your Weight Naturally

It is natural tendency to wish for good, attractive physique and personality. Extra weight destroys our wish. Not to worry!  Nature has provided us many ways to reduce our weight without any side effects. The natural process may be slow but steady and healthy. So here are some easy and healthy tips to reduce your weight :

Easy Tips to Reduce Your Weight
  • Get up early in the morning and go for walk. Walk as much as possible. Whenever you get a chance to walk, walk and walk. If you need to go for some work at nearby place, don’t use vehicle. Walk!!. It helps to reduce your extra fat.
  • Physical exercise also helps to reduce your weight quickly. Running, swimming, cycling and jogging are also  ideal exercises which not only destroy your extra fat but can transform your lifestyle. What to wait for! Choose any one or many of them and go ahead.
  • Don’t eat while watching TV or working on computer. There are chances that you will not notice how much you have eaten. Extra food is not good for your health. Extra food leads to extra weight.
  • Eat slowly and chew every bite properly. Let it mix with saliva nicely. Digestive process starts from your mouth.
  • Drink water in a good quantity in frequent intervals. It will increase metabolic rate which will help in consuming more calories. It will be good if you keep water in copper pot before going to bed in night and then drink in the morning after brush. It has many other health benefits as well.
  • Avoid Junk food. In today’s fast food culture it is very common to consume junk food which is more tend to increase your weight and not to provide any nutrients to your body.
  • Eat vegetables in raw condition will help to digest quickly. It will be the best if can you get organic ones.   Add fibre rich items in your diet.  Add bitter gourd, drum stick and lemon in your food.
  • Drink lime water daily in the morning. It is very good remedy for reducing extra fat from body.
  • Don’t eat oily or greasy food.  It affects your health in many ways. Weight gain, heart problems, diabetes high blood pressure and gallstones are very common problems.
  • Avoid high fat food and sweets.
  • Do Yoga daily. Learn Yoga from Yoga guru. It will not only ensure good health but boost your energy level as well.  
  • Avoid carbohydrate rich items i.e. potato and rice. Extra Carbohydrate is stored as body fat.
  • Too much salt can increase weight also. Reduce your salt intake in your food.
  • Frequently check your weight i.e. weekly or fortnightly. It will improve your confidence also and you will feel more committed towards your weight loss goal. One warning here, if there is not much reduction in weight, doesn’t get discouraged. Take it as a challenge and continue your efforts. 
  • Avoid weight loss medicines like capsules and pills; they impose a potential health threat even heart attack.  Be natural!
Have patience as reducing weight through natural means is a slow process. Patience and consistent efforts are the keys. Hold these keys firmly and enjoy the journey of weight loss.

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